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Markill and Margaret (Diane) Moore met in 2012 while attending the same church. Markill, who was then in the process of rebuilding his life from addiction and homelessness, was certain that Diane was the woman for him. They soon married on 0ctober, 29,2014 and ministry started immediately. With Markill's experience being addicted to drugs and homelessness, they felt it was befitting to minister to those who are in the same situation as Markill, and what a blessing they have been!

Image by Isaac Dennis


Our Services


Food boxes are provided for those who need assistance due to experiencing a disaster or an emergency that places a long-term effect on using foods that requires electricity This box provides the basic needs of a well- balance diet to the process of eating foods necessary for health and growth..



Essentials Kits

Vision Of Mercy provides thirty essential kits  monthly for those individuals that are experiencing homelessness. Each kit provides basic needs of enduring  time without proper shelter. Items includes; blankets, tents, toiletries, soap and more



Emergency Shelter

Finding shelter is critical  in times of disaster. Vision Of Mercy will soon provide vouchers for those individuals who need temporary shelter for up to three days. During this stay, we assist in helping to find an extended stay location if needed.



Medication Assistance

Anyone struggling to pay for their medication will go through an application process for approval for assistance for payment of medial prescriptions. Vision Of Mercy understands the hardships and highly priced medication and are willing to help.

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