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Meet The Board

Our History

While ministering with a group of his fellow brothers in Christ at his church home, Markill Moore felt the urge to support the community. The desire to serve the community increased and he, along with his brothers in Christ, started serving consistently from 2015-2019. Unfortunately, Covid-19 came along, and things had to be put on hold. Covid-19 altered several people lives especially the homeless community and Markill and his wife, Margaret saw the need to do more. In May of 2021, Markill and Margaret Moore formed Vision of Mercy.

Vision of Mercy provides services to the homeless community in the greater area of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our mission is to offer assistance and restore stability to those affected by challenging life circumstances and adversity, empowering them to not only survive but thrive. Our vision is to assist and improve the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness in the greater area of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We serve individuals who are displaced from their families, homes, and society while assisting them every day with essential needs such as food, tents, blankets, raincoats, shelter, and medication.

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